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45 trending things so hot, Amazon can barely keep them in stock


Some things have always been destined to become popular, like butterfly clips in the ’90s, or — for a more recent example — air fryers and Instant Pots in the past couple years. I still don’t completely know why we all want certain items at the exact same time, but to keep you up to date on the latest, here’s a list of trending things that are so hot, Amazon can barely keep them in stock.
There’s a reason Amazon has a “Buy Now” button on every product page: The site constantly sells out of some products every time they hit the shelves. To keep an eye on things, I pay attention to products with reviewers who say they are “obsessed” or have been “waiting for this one to come back in stock.” High star ratings are another good way to tell if something is destined to become the next big thing you won’t be able to find anywhere, like this compact air fryer that sells out time and again, or this smart water bottle with a cool three-in-one design (it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and also glows on the hour to remind you to hydrate). Just for you, I’ve rounded up some of the hottest products on Amazon today — many of which just might be gone by tomorrow.
Keep your phone screen protected from damage — and potential prying eyes — with these privacy screen protectors. They make it impossible to view your phone screen from the sides, and the ultra-thin tempered glass defends against scratches without impeding on touch screen sensitivity. You get two protectors in the pack, so you can also protect your partner’s device. So many reviewers have rated it “perfect.”
Eliminate the tangle of cables when listening to playlists on your phone with these true wireless in-ear earbuds. They’re water-resistant to stand up to sweat and rain, and the included charging case means you get 24 hours of battery life. Plus, they boast three EQ modes, so you get an ideal audio experience, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or catching up on your favorite podcast.
One reviewer called this seven-in-one shaver an “excellent value for the money,” and I couldn’t agree more. After all, the compact tool can cut hair, shave, trim nose hair, tidy up sideburns, cleanse your face, and even dry brush, thanks to the seven smart attachments that make it all possible. This shaver is waterproof for use in or out of the shower. Now, that’s hot.
Keep your online accounts and files protected with this NFC security key. Offering two-factor authentication alongside your account passwords, this simple device works with your existing USB port. It’s compatible with Chrome, Windows, MacOS, and Linux for wide-ranging password protection against phishing attempts.
Take notes, save them to the cloud, and then begin again with this smart notebook. Ideal for those who love to write on paper but hate the clutter of multiple notebooks, this standard-size book works with a compatible app to quickly save everything you write on your preferred cloud service. Then, when you’re done, simply pop it in the microwave (really) to wipe the pages clean.
Get a gentle glowing reminder to take a sip of water on the hour, every hour with this fun three-in-one water bottle that also doubles as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. In fact, the lights can even sync to your playlist, creating a portable party anywhere you go. Set the bottle on a wooden table (after you drink, of course) for truly resonant bass.
Turn a cabinet into a storage locker with this nearly invisible cabinet lock. It can be installed without a ton of tools and works with the included programmable key cards and fobs to provide quick access to your stuff — while keeping other people out. This lock even comes with a USB cable to charge the lock if you don’t have batteries on hand.
Rewards? Just for brushing my teeth? Count me in. This smart toothbrush kit connects to an app that helps guide you on proper brushing techniques, and as you improve (and brush regularly), you’ll earn rewards like free trials for the Headspace meditation app. It comes with two brush heads (Alexa can remind you when it’s time to order more) and a travel case. This Amazon exclusive is jumping off the shelves, so grab it fast.
Bring your refreshment along to the party with this clever umbrella flask. An ideal gag gift, this plastic bottle is designed to look just like an umbrella, right down to the wristlet carrying strap. This flask even comes with a pouring spout to easily fill your glass.
Gain an extra level of security when you’re traveling with this portable door lock. The simple setup keeps anyone from opening your door — even if they have a key. Two holes match a range of door types, and it’s a breeze to install by sliding it over the latching mechanism, closing the door, and hanging the red handle on the metal plate. Super easy.
Letting a little natural light in can really enhance your space, but you often have to sacrifice some privacy. This privacy film uses static — not adhesive — to stick to your window where it lets sunlight in while blocking the view of anyone passing by. This ingenious design also keeps out up to 84% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays for a soft, filtered effect.
Fill this filtering pitcher to the brim for water that’s guaranteed to be fresh and clean — it even comes with a water quality meter to ensure its quality. A thorough five-stage filtering system removes up to 99.6% of total dissolved solids for healthier drinking and improved taste.
Clip this key-shaped multitool to your key ring, and you’ve got a gadget to meet virtually every need. This handy tool can drive in screws, attach bolts, take measurements, and even strip wires. When you’re done fixing, use the bottle opener to enjoy a drink of your choice. You’ve earned it.
A 4.6-star overall rating means you can’t possibly go wrong on this cold brew coffee maker that makes it “very easy to make cold brew,” as one reviewer shared. The double-layer filtration system keeps the grounds out and the flavor in for reliable results. An airtight construction keeps your coffee concoctions tasting fresh for up to two weeks.
Enjoy your favorite fried snacks with a lot less oil when you have this compact air fryer on hand. The 2-quart size is ideal for smaller kitchens, where it whips up batches of fries, coconut shrimp, wings, and more — with little to no oil needed. In fact, the nonstick basket construction means you don’t even need cooking spray.
Add aromatherapy and a touch of mid-century modern style to your space with this retro essential oil dispenser. Seven LED color options further enhance the ambiance, and the large reservoir supports up to 20 hours of use. Toggle the built-in timer to set soothing scents for one, three, or six hours.
There are a lot of charging stations on the market, but there aren’t a lot that easily handle your phone, smart watch, earbuds, and (wait for it) digital stylus all in one place. This compact four-in-one charging stand has a small footprint that fits on your nightstand or desk and provides dedicated space to stow and power all your devices at once.
If you spend a lot of time hunched over your laptop, this adjustable laptop stand is here to help. A range of adjustable heights support a comfortable viewing angle that won’t strain your neck, while 360-degree swivel rotation lets you share your screen. This stand even has a built-in phone holder to keep your device within view, and the whole thing folds flat for storage.
More than 68,000 Amazon users have reviewed this selfie ring light that boasts a 4.5-star overall rating. One reviewer wrote that it’s “the best ring light ever for the price.” Three color modes — from warm to cool — meet every lighting need, and the whole setup includes a tripod with a universal phone mount — no need to buy anything else.
Memory foam has a tendency to sleep hot, but this memory foam pillow is covered in cooling gel and features ventilation holes throughout to keep the air moving. The standard-sized pillow comes with a soft, silky cover that’s removable and machine-washable. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you’ll want to snap this up.
A perfect companion for your afternoon stroll, outdoor baseball game, or planned vacation to a warm-weather destination, this bladeless neck fan offers quiet comfort to beat the heat. This fan uses turbine blade technology for super quiet cooling power on three speeds, and the silicone construction is gentle on your neck for easy wear.
This waffle maker is the cutest thing I’m going to share with you today. (I mean, just look at it.) The small size is ideal for apartment or dorm life, serving up one perfectly made waffle, chaffle, or even a serving of hash browns in just a couple of minutes. A bunch of color and pattern options (think: white pineapples, skulls, and leopard print) just add to its quirky charm.
Make movie theater-quality popcorn at home with this popcorn popper that works with your microwave and doesn’t require oil. The borosilicate glass construction is sturdy, so you can ditch the paper waste that comes with pre-made bags. Available in an array of colors, the 3-quart size is perfect for sharing with friends or family, but you can also opt for a personal snack-size popper.
Whether you’re crafty or clumsy — I confess to being the latter — this colorful multipurpose glue provides a perfect solution. Mold it with your hands to repair floppy shoe soles, wrap it around frayed wires to restore your connections, or use it for brand new artistic creations, like hooks for your coffee mugs. The options truly go on and on.
Extend the function of a basic home outlet with this four-outlet splitter. It takes up just one AC outlet, yet offers four extra connections for appliances and three USB ports to charge multiple phones or other smart devices. Best of all, it doesn’t get in the way of the outlet above it.
Foot conditions like plantar fasciitis can be a real pain in the arch, but this five-pair set of arch supports is here to help — and they’re also great if you spend the day working on your feet. Wear them alone or under your socks and shoes to help redistribute strain and relieve heel and arch pain. These arch support braces are super stretchy for a great fit.
Get customized comfort for your next flight with this memory foam travel pillow you can twist, fold, and mold for optimal support. Wrap this pillow around your neck or use it to lean your head against the wall for totally comfortable rest. The snap closure makes it easily to loop through your luggage handle for on-the-go convenience.
I am guilty of taking notes on the fly when I’m on a call and then forgetting about where I’ve placed them. This monitor message board keeps notes at eye level, so they’re never lost in the clutter again. Simply stick it to the edge of your monitor — it even has a ledge to hold your phone or extra notes.
Go wherever the trail takes you — and bring proper hydration along — with this tactical water bottle holder. It’s compatible with the MOLLE gear organization system to fit right in with your stuff, and the tough 900-Denier construction is ultra-rugged and waterproof. The drawstring top makes your water bottle, umbrella, or other items easy to access, and the mesh bottom allows wet items to air dry.
Help prevent uncomfortable chafing and skin irritation with this easy-to-apply balm. It’s ideal for use before runs, walks, or tennis matches, and stays in place no matter how warm it gets. The vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formula also allows skin to sweat and breathe, and the compact size makes it easy to take anywhere.
Read the reviews, and you’ll be a convert: These bamboo and charcoal air purifying bags really do help neutralize and remove the very worst of smells, all without the use of fragrance. That’s right, they don’t simply cover it up. Place them in the sun for a few hours once a month, and you can continue to use them for years.
Slushies or shakes to go? Yes please. This portable slushie and shake maker is people-powered, so you don’t even need a plug. Just freeze the core for eight hours, add your ingredients, and stir with the included serving spoon. Use it with your favorite soda, and you don’t have to run to the store anymore when you want an icy cold treat.
Set up a sweet breeze wherever you’d like with this compact personal fan. It’s quiet, so it’s ideal for use in bedrooms or at your desk, and the three speed settings make it simple to customize it to your comfort level. This small fan is USB-powered for use with your laptop or an adapter.
Bring your smoothie on the road with this portable smoothie maker with a blending jar that doubles as a to-go cup for super-simple serving. The stainless steel blade easily powers through ice and tougher ingredients, and the 300-watt copper motor guarantees dependable use morning after morning.
Remove every bit of dust, hair, and dirt from your life — or at least, most of it — with this super cool cleaning putty. It fits into every crack or crevice for a totally through clean. Use this putty in your car or on your computer keyboard to satisfy your need for complete neatness.
Make extra ice for your parties with this ice cube maker that comes with a storage bin. The tray makes up to 32 cubes at a time and doubles as lid for the bin. Then, when you’re ready to serve, use the included scoop to easily grab as much ice as you want.
I never get tired of sharing this dish soap dispenser because it’s just that neat. You put your dish soap of choice in the dispenser, then pop a sponge on top. When you’re ready to wash, simply push down for a sudsed-up sponge. It cuts down on counter clutter and is so fun — you have to try it.
A busy day at the office doesn’t mean you have to skimp on exercise. Simply set up this mini exercise bike underneath your desk and pedal your way through paperwork and conference calls. This machine has a large easy-to-read LCD screen to keep you on track and nonslip pedals to hold your feet in place.
Keep an eye on your precious pup or curious kitten when you can’t be at home with this mini smart security camera. The plug-and-play function doesn’t require a hub, and everything streams easily to your phone. Two-way talk on this 1080p HD camera even lets you engage, and night vision makes it ideal for nurseries, too.
Use these gallon grow bags to plant everything from your favorite flowers to fruits and vegetables. Totally breathable, these bags help prevent root rot for a healthier plant, while keeping soil oxygenated and cool. The durable construction easily takes the place of plastic pots, and the built-in handles make them easy to move.
This solar fountain pump uses the sun’s rays to turn your birdbath or pond into a dancing water display. How cool is that? Six nozzle options let you change up the flow pattern, and the 3.5-watt solar panels support continuous use all day — even if it’s cloudy.
The rattle and bang of a screen door is really annoying, but it does a great job of keeping the bugs from invading your home. What to do? Install this magnetic mesh door instead. Full-frame magnets and Velcro ensure a lasting fit, and the lightweight construction is ideal for pets and kids. One reviewer even came back a year later to report it’s still amazing.
Get a deep, refreshing scalp scrub each time you hit the shower with this silicone shampoo brush. A built-in handle slides over your fingers to ensure it stays in place, while the soft flexible bristles deliver a thoroughly relaxing wash. This set comes with two, so you can share.
Eliminate the middle man (if the middle man is a charging cord) with this slim wireless car charger that mounts directly to your vent. The two-in-one design melds a mount with a charger for versatile function, and with a rotating ball-joint, you can adjust the viewing angle with ease.


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