NewsCOVID 19 pandemic is an emerging viral disease that...

COVID 19 pandemic is an emerging viral disease that has the potential to be catastrophic.


Five Design Changes That Improved Our Lives in 2022

In the year 2022, we will look back on these five design changes and see how they changed the way we live. They range from 3D printing to circularity, synthetic biology, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These advances are proving to make our lives better in so many ways.

COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging viral disease that has the potential to be catastrophic. It is a precursor to multiple pandemics. And it can disrupt the entire economy. The impact of the pandemic on human health will have widespread economic and social consequences.

With the pandemic, a new wave of technology is expected to reshape our lives. Experts predict that it will change the way people interact with each other. They also discuss how it will affect the economy, medical care, and health systems.

In response to a survey, experts gathered responses about their views of the “new normal” by 2025. These experts also outlined opportunities and challenges emerging from digital technologies.

According to Jamais Cascio, the new technologies will allow for a large number of remote work options. He also predicts that people will become more sensitive to environmental degradation.

Other innovations include a “Internet of Medical Things”, which will allow for new patient health monitoring and diagnostic testing. The technology will be used by a new class of tele-care workers.

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is a modern approach to engineering biological systems. Its technologies can be applied to almost any area of life science, including agriculture, health, and the environment.

Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing industry. This is reflected in the rise of start-ups. These firms create innovative solutions for market needs and design more sustainable processes.

Synthetic biology has revolutionized the field of biotechnology. This technology allows scientists to re-engineer microbes to produce specific chemical compounds and to customize the genetic make-up of bacteria.

The application of synthetic biology is expected to provide crucial advantages in the identification and treatment of diseases. It has already created a number of products, such as improved herbicides, faster-growing crops, and improved vaccines. In addition, it has also generated new technology platforms.

Moreover, industrial biotechnology is replacing traditional petrochemical manufacturing processes. Today, it produces chemicals, enzymes, polymers, and daily necessities. Ultimately, it aims to improve the natural mechanisms of biological processes and develop cleaner and more efficient production procedures.

3D printing

As we enter the next decade, 3D printing will be the new frontier of manufacturing. It will reduce waste, simplify logistics, and automate manufacturing processes. We will also be able to create customized products and solutions to improve our health and livelihoods.

The technology is already being used in hospitals to create custom surgical models. It can also be used to build scaffolds for damaged bones. In addition, it is also being applied to produce prosthetic limbs and other essential medical tools.

There are also new uses for 3D printing that are still emerging. For example, researchers are creating ways to integrate electronic chips into 3D printed objects. They are also looking for ways to embed fiber optics.

Another key trend is automation in post-processing. This allows for efficient and more cost-effective manufacturing.

Using a machine-vision system, researchers have developed a device that uses two cameras to detect the exact thickness of the material as it is deposited. A controller processes the images to determine the appropriate feed rate.


Circularity is one of five design changes that will improve our lives in 2022. These changes are transforming how products are designed, manufactured, and used. They will increase sustainability and resilience. But they will also change how companies do business. And that’s not easy. In fact, circularity leaders are facing many obstacles. So they are overcoming them and building momentum for the future.

To build a circular business model, companies need to understand how the value chain works and what the key risks are. It requires a collaborative effort, including engineers, materials experts, and designers. All parties must be in alignment with the goals.

Leading companies are setting specific revenue targets for circular products. One example is SC Johnson, which launched its concentrate versions of iconic brands in 2011. Another is Michelin, which plans to generate EUR700 million a year by selling tires as a service.

Circularity also means a reduction in sourcing and operational risks. A well-designed circular product can boost growth, cut costs, and prepare an enterprise for a low-carbon future.


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