JoylicemerDiscount Code For Waterborne Skateboards

Discount Code For Waterborne Skateboards


Waterborne Skateboards has a Save $ coupon available for their customers. People who have
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Waterborne Surf Adapter
If you’ve always wanted to skate on water, you can now get the perfect solution for the
problem. Waterborne’s Surf Adapter installs between your skateboard’s deck and front truck.
This unique piece of equipment allows you to perform surf-style slide turns and pump and flow
with ease, enabling you to achieve higher speeds on your skateboard. It’s an inexpensive way
to get the surfboard feeling without spending an arm and a leg on a new skateboard.
The Waterborne Surf Adapter is a fantastic mechanical piece that converts your skateboard
into a surfboard. Using a spring-based system, this unique accessory makes surfing a breeze
and even makes your skateboard more versatile than ever. It’s made for skateboarding in the
water, downhill riding, and park & pool riding. The Waterborne Surf Adapter is available for
purchase online at the official website.
The Waterborne Surf Adapter is a universal skateboard adapter that works on any longboard

or skateboard. Its mounting hole pattern is new-school. It can be easily installed with four hex-
head bolts or short Phillips screws. It’s best used on boards with looser trucks and grippy

wheels. Waterborne Surf Adapter will also improve the geometry of any truck.
Yow System
If you’re ready to switch from skateboarding to surfing, consider purchasing a Yow System.
This adapter allows you to use your skateboard for both up and downhill riding, as well as park
& pool riding. The company’s Yow System, which stands for “Your Own Wave,” has become
one of the top products on the market. You can save money by getting one of their discount
YOW’s surf-skate trucks are designed to be similar to surfing, which means that you won’t
experience any discomfort while riding. They function just like a surf-trainer, so you can
practice your stance and posture without fear of over-rotating. The YOW truck has a pivot-y
front truck, which allows you to do tail slides and 180s, even at low speeds. Moreover, they
feature an enhanced setup for smooth pumping, which is perfect for water-borne
The Yow surf system has two versions: the 4mm and the 5mm spring. The 4mm spring is a
good choice if you are looking for light resistance. Its light weight is perfect for quick surf
carves and cutbacks. The 5mm spring is more resistant, making it ideal for heavier skaters
who prefer more extreme skating. The 5mm spring is a good choice for ripping and leaning.
The Waterborne Surf Adapter allows you to make turns up to three times sharper. With the Rail
Adapter on the rear truck, you can easily pump your board on a flat surface without worrying
about your balance. It also allows you to perform surf-style cuts and slides. This adapter is
available on Amazon and on the Waterborne website. You can also buy additional accessories,
like the Waterborne Surf and Rail Adapter.
Yow System vs. Waterborne Surf Adapter
The Waterborne Surf Adapter and Yow System are two different types of surf skateboard
adapters. Both are capable mechanical pieces that turn a skateboard into a surf board. These
surf skateboard adapters are best for downhill riding, surfing training, and park & pool riding.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of each system. You can use the Yow System if you’re
looking for loose steering and performance.
The Waterborne Surf Adapter is designed to fit between your skateboard’s deck and truck. It
reduces the turning radius by three to four times while retaining the original feel of the board.
Its low weight helps you pump faster on flat surfaces while retaining the traditional feel of your
skateboard’s trucks. Because of this, you can perform surf-style cuts and slides on your
skateboard with greater ease.
Yow System vs. Yow System discount code
The YOW System Pack Kit can be installed on any skateboard, from cruisers to longboards.
Developed by engineers in Spain’s Basque Country, the Yow truck system replicates the feel of
surfing, enabling smooth, surf-like turns. In addition, the enhanced setup gives you the
freedom to pump your board both on flat ground and uphill. You can easily adapt the kit to your
own skateboard, and it will save you a lot of money in the process.
The YOW V4 system comes in two versions. The YOW V4 comes with a 4mm spring, which is
suitable for most closed turns and radical turns. For heavier riders, you can mount the S5
version. Both versions are similar in size and weight. The Yow V4 has two different versions,
the S4 and the S5 models. The S5 model has a stiffer internal spring.


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