NewsGER Stock Dividend History

GER Stock Dividend History


GER Stock Dividend History

GER stocks have historically paid a dividend to investors. Dividend history can be a useful tool for evaluating a company’s long-term growth and volatility. The table below shows GER stock dividend history. The historical dividends are available in the right column of the table. This can help investors identify companies that may be a good fit for investment.

GER dividend history

Before you invest in GER stock, you should understand the dividend history of the company. You can look at the number of dividends paid for a given year, and also the percentage growth of the dividends over the past few years. A steadily increasing dividend history is a sign that the company is financially strong. However, you should note that a company that is experiencing rapid growth may not be able to maintain a consistent dividend schedule, and may choose to invest in projects instead of paying out dividends.

The dividend history of GER shares shows that this company has paid out dividends on a regular basis. The most recent dividend was paid on Feb 19, 2021. Hence, if you invested in GER on February 20, 2020, you would have received a dividend of $0.155.

GER stock exchange quotes

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s 12th-largest stock exchange by market capitalization. The exchange is open daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm. In addition to the stock market’s daily operations, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange offers various online services. GER stock exchange quotes are available from a variety of sources including financial websites, mobile applications, and news sources.

In addition to German shares, GER also trades in foreign shares and German bonds. It also trades in certificates and warrants from over sixty countries. In September, Germany’s DAX was down 6.1% while the Stoxx 600 was down 4.8%. These results have fueled the expectation for a hefty interest rate hike from the European Central Bank (ECB).

GER dividend history graphic

GER is a closed-end management investment company that focuses on generating high total returns through investments in Master Limited Partnerships and energy investments. Its dividend history is presented in both a table and graphical form. Here we look at its history and see if it has been increasing or decreasing in value over time.

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