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Restored Republic Update Today


The Restored Republic Update Today

The 5.5 FF event also signals a restored republic. The exact time will be determined by the military through calculations on their quantum computer. A restored republic will also be a sign of the end of the global currency system. This is just one of many signs. The following article discusses the importance of this event. It will be a valuable resource for those trying to understand the events of 2017.


The GCR has released a new update for The Restored Republic. This is an official GCR update that has been long anticipated. It includes a 5.5-FF event, which spoofs Donald Trump’s recent victory. It is still unclear if the event will be available in all countries, but it is certain to be exciting for fans. Read on to find out more. After all, it is only right for the people who lost to Trump to have some kind of victory!

The earth is on the brink of a nuclear standoff and financial market crash, as well as a gold standard. The wars are being committed to reveal the deep state that controls the military commands. The earth is on the verge of a financial crash and a global currency reset, as 130 to 140 nations are using asset-backed currency. In the world of The Restored Republic, this will cause the world’s currency to reset and the planet to return to the gold standard.

The exact time would be decided by the military out of calculations of their quantum computer

A quantum computer could determine when a battle is about to take place. Like conventional radar, the technology would send a signal and wait for it to be reflected, but it could do so with greater precision. In theory, quantum computers could also analyze Big Data from ISR (Infrared, Sound, and Vision) to determine the optimal course of action. And they could determine the exact time that a conflict would take place based on what the military deems is most important.

With the advent of quantum computing, the military will be able to solve unfathomable problem sets, allowing them to determine the right course of action. This technology may also change the character of war. But how long will this capability last? Will it be enough to make a difference in the world? The military will need to make careful investment decisions to develop a quantum computing system, but they can’t do it on their own.

The Deep State was creating another virus to be released on the world

There have been several rumors circulating about the COVID-19 virus since April of this year. One of these rumors was the CIA creating the virus and releasing it on the Chinese population. A similar conspiracy theory was floated by QAnon followers. These videos claimed that the CIA was creating and releasing a virus to harm the Chinese population. Other conspiracy theories claimed that public-servant scientists were responsible for the virus.

Some of these conspiracy theories were created by fringe voices in the U.S. and were promoted by social media. Some of the accounts spreading disinformation about the virus included pro-Trump and QAnon accounts. Others have pointed to reports that the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, mischaracterized the COVID-19 virus as a Chinese creation. A Chinese account posted the video, but the People’s Daily rebroadcast it worldwide.

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