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Tattoo Shops Open Near Me


Tattoo Shops Open Near Me in New York

If you’re looking for a New York tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a number of tattoo shops open near me. We’ve covered InkStinct NYC, Daredevil’s, Atlas, and Uplift Tattoo. Read on for more information. And, if you’re still not convinced, consider one of these five NYC tattoo parlors:

InkStinct NYC

If you are looking for a tattoo shop that is close to you, consider visiting InkStinct NYC in New York City. This modern tattoo shop specializes in custom tattoos. It is open Monday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm, and you can browse their online gallery. Inked NYC is open Monday through Saturday, and you can take advantage of their walk-in hours or schedule an appointment ahead of time.

This New York City-based tattoo shop is rated highly by clients and boasts some of the finest tattoo artists in the city. It specializes in fine line tattoos, but also offers geometric and ornamental designs. The shop’s walk-in hours and $100 minimum charge make it a good choice for both men and women. The staff at InkStinct NYC are friendly and courteous, and they are happy to answer any questions you have.


Tattoo enthusiasts will love the new location of the Daredevil Tattoo Museum in Brooklyn. The museum is a unique space featuring the tattoo artist’s memorabilia. You can view a display of early New York City tattoos and see antique tattoo machines and news articles that chronicle the history of the tattoo industry. It also houses a replica of Thomas Edison’s first tattoo gun, which is a fascinating piece of history.

Founded by Michelle Myles, the tattoo shop is both a museum and a tattoo studio. This space features antiques and memorabilia, as well as tattoos and art by seven different artists. The tattoo artist, Noah Fiel, has been in the shop for three years. He brings his dog, Jumpshot, almost every day. Guests are encouraged to bring their pets with them.

Uplift Tattoo

If you’re considering getting a new tattoo, you’ve probably wondered whether Uplift Tattoo shops are located near you. This New York City-based studio boasts an acclaimed staff of tattoo artists. They specialize in fine line tattoos, but they also offer geometric and ornamental designs. Walk-ins are welcome, and prices start at $200. The studio accepts walk-ins, so you never have to wait too long.

You can find Uplift Tattoo shops close to your home by searching on the internet. Many tattoo enthusiasts use this website to find new tattoo artists, book appointments, and learn more about tattoo artists and the art they practice. This website is designed to connect tattoo lovers with talented artists. By allowing users to search for tattoo artists in their area, Uplift Tattoos is making the process easy for everyone. Here, you can find the perfect artist in your city to have a tattoo done.


Portland is home to a plethora of great tattoo studios, and one of the best is Atlas Tattoo Studio. This Portland studio opened its doors in 1998 and has 10 tattoo artists on its roster. The studio is clean and offers quality work at reasonable prices. If you live in Portland, this shop is definitely worth a visit. If you want an incredible tattoo, make sure to pay close attention to quality, not price.

At this Portland tattoo studio, you can find tattoo artists who specialize in many different styles. Artists at Atlas are Dan Gilsdorf, Jerry Ware, and Gregory Whitehead. Each of these artists specializes in different styles, including Japanese and American traditions. The shop is located on North Williams Avenue, and costs $150 to $200 per hour. Some artists, such as Chris Valkov, specialize in geometric and cubist designs. They’re all great at what they do, and the price range reflects that.


If you’re looking for a quality tattoo studio, Reliquary tattoo shops open near you are a great choice. These cooperatively run shops have a reputation for offering exceptional quality and customer service. Reliquary tattoo shops offer different rates and policies, so it’s important to choose one that works for you. You can find an ATM nearby. Artists at Reliquary include Allyson Bennett, Elli Adams, and founder Meg Adamson. Reliquary tattoo artists include Allyson Bennett and Elli Adams, two of Portland’s hottest tattoo artists. You can also make an appointment at Atlas Tattoo, which is open Monday-Friday and some same-day appointments available.

Catholic iconography is a good choice for those seeking a realistic depiction of suffering and sexuality. Catholic iconography features real-life imagery of death, suffering, and sexuality. Many tattoo studios feature a crucifix, wooden mask, and other religious art. There is also a selection of framed images of Nuestra Senora de las Angustias and Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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