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Watch the Donald Trump Speech Today Live on NPR

If you are watching the Donald Trump speech today live on television, you will have to wait until 2:30pm EST to find out the content of the entire address. He was quick to mention his support for Rep. Liz Cheney, his comments on inflation, and his foreign policy. He also referred to CNN and fake-news as “fake-news,” and made a few jabs at Rep. Liz Cheney.

Donald Trump’s first public speech since leaving office

This was Donald Trump‘s first public speech since he left office, and it marks the beginning of the summer campaigning season. While it was his first speech since leaving office, it was full of baseless accusations. Since he left office, the focus of his speeches has been on such allegations. After months of public speaking, NPR has studied Trump’s statements to determine how they affected the American public. In a speech that lasted over 90 minutes, Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden on foreign policy, immigration, and economics.

In his speech, Trump attacked Republican members who voted against him, branding them as Republicans “In Name Only.” He also attacked former Vice President Mike Pence, and lashed out at the US Supreme Court for rulings on electoral fraud. Trump has repeatedly mocked these Republican lawmakers for their political positions, including the recent impeachment of President Obama. However, he did mention Mitch McConnell, who called him responsible for the riots in Charlottesville in January.

His support for Rep. Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney is facing an uphill battle to hold on to her Wyoming seat. The Republican Party has been trying to get rid of her by backing a primary challenger, Wyoming Gov. Dave Hageman. Cheney hasn’t sought to repair her relationship with Trump but has criticized the president for his attacks on her. The rift between the two is clear enough. The two sides have different views on who’s to blame for this.

But the former Vice President’s decision to endorse Cheney doesn’t come without its own set of risks. Cheney has alienated members of her own party, while winning praise from the left. Trump’s supporters have questioned why Cheney wouldn’t fight for justice for those Capitol selfie-takers. The Republican National Committee condemned Kinzinger for participating in the Democrat-led committee, saying it was unfit for Republicans to participate in a process that ignores the rights of minorities and traditional checks and balances.

His comments on inflation

Inflation was a major topic of President Trump’s speech today, as he has cited it as one of the most pressing domestic issues facing the country. The President is expected to make further comments about how his administration is working to combat inflation. He is expected to mention a plan by Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott that would increase federal income taxes for many Americans. This plan is not expected to pass in the current year, and many economists expect it to rise by 2023.

Inflation is a hot topic in the campaign, with many candidates pointing to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine as causes of the troubling economic news. However, the Republican Party has been accused of failing to address inflation, and Biden has vowed to do more to criticize Republicans than praise President Trump. Inflation has become a political talking point for Republicans, but Biden’s comments today highlight that he believes the Republican Party is working against the American people by not doing enough to address the problem.

His support for foreign policy

The latest criticism of Trump’s foreign policy comes from his repeated claims that America is falling apart and its military superiority is waning, along with its economic growth and respect among other nations. Some have compared this to the weakness of US foreign policy toward its allies. Trump has not been able to provide any concrete solutions to these problems, though he does propose a number of controversial policies. Let’s explore some of the most controversial positions he has proposed and how he plans to implement them.

Trump’s foreign policy has been based on a sense of grievance with the international order. He believed that the world was taking advantage of the United States. As president, he pledged to put America first, demanding that allies pay for U.S. protection and that adversaries be confronted. He also promised to stop China from stealing American jobs and to back out of bad deals. However, these are not his only foreign policy accomplishments.

His criticism of public health mandates

The current president has made numerous public health-related blunders, including repeatedly rejecting government scientists’ advice. Many former CDC directors and scientists have criticized the Trump administration for doing just that. The administration has also repeatedly denied the existence of dangerous environmental toxins, and the president has repeatedly criticized the CDC for its role in the Zika virus outbreak. While this may sound like a political ploy, it is not.

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